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Follow these steps to get complete healthy life

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Apply Sun Screen:In our country we see all the different climate conditions throughout the year and protecting our skin in all conditions is very important for our healthy skin . It may be powerful UV sun rays or chilling winter. It may not show the impact immediately but eventually wrinkles and fine lines will show up.

It is always recommended to use sun screen lotions or moisturizers which have antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E which helps in reducing skin damage and also keeps healthy.

How we sit, stand and walk are very important:Always we should  check the way you sit, stand and walk. wrong way of sitting, standing and walking will bring lot of back problems as you age.  Never sit lazily on chairs, try to sit straight while you work.

Don’t drag your feet while walking, make sure you walk appropriately and not strain your knees and feet.

Exercise is must for everyone:Are you finding reasons to skip exercising, and then it is time to rethink on your decision. Especially these days everyone spends lot of time sitting as the job demands.

According to the studies sitting for a long time will increase risk of heart problems and diabetes. You can start for 10 mins a day of walk and increase the duration by at least walking or stretching.

Quit alcohol:If you think not knowing how much you drink is ok as you don’t drink regularly than you are wrong. Drinking alcohol in excess once in a while or regularly it will definitely hurt you, as the affect is the same on your liver.


please share if you like

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