Instant snack with less than 300 calories

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Snacks are something which really gives us complete make over in the sense it may boost up with extra calories or reduce our weight with rich nutritious value 
generally all types o snacks especially indian snacks deal up with more oil and more of carbs like maida rice flour and many other low protein based so now we will learn about best evening tea time snack which makes our diet protein rich,tasty and can be consumed iwth littel efforts so lets get into snack recipe

Ingredients and preparation

This healthy snack prepartion generally requires1 cup of green gram one cup of chikpea grains,onions green chillies lime juice and carrot and half tea spoon oil
Soak green gram and chikpea seeds separately over night

Take a medium size frying pan add tea spoon oil and add onions green chilly and carrot let them fry for2mins and now add green gram dal and chikpea dal cook it with another 7mins and turn off stove,now take it to a serving bowl and add some lime juice and serve hot

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