How to prepare indian style spicy fried rice recipe

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Fried rice is generally north eastern cuisine but when it is cooked in indian style of fried rice then it taste amazing and also gives super taste but how to cook that? now lets know how to cook indian style fried ricmost called as strret side food,now lets move in to ingredients and recipe

Ingredients and Recipe

Coming to vegtables, vegtables should be crunchy and add cabbage carrot capcicum and spring onions can also add green chillies also,now cook some rice it should be like non sticky and very soft,
Now take a vessel add oil add garlic and vegtables in that add some salt to make vegtables to cook fast and now saute for almost 15minutes and now cooked rice in that now add veniger soyasause green sause and cook for some more time,now here by aadding two main ingredients fried rice become more desi style those two magical ingredients are black pepper and red chilly powder mix well serve hot

fired rice is best ingredient for both lunch and dinner also it is very friendly dish for even lunch box also and it is also intenstine friendly and gives awesome results.


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