How To Make Your Skin Healthy and Spot Free With this Magical Drink

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Skin care generally involves two factors First factor is external skin care routine second and most important factor internal care
we can easily say our ace is the index of our body health,if we have any disturbance in our body we clearly see that difference in our face for example we can see pimples if we have excess oil secreation on our body and unwanted hair if we have hormonal imbalance so first of al to get nice glowing skin we need to maintain good internal care food

So today we are going to learn about  amazing drink to improve blood circulation and makes our skin healthy,so now we will learn some things like when to use who caan use and how to prepare

Preparation of carrot juice for skin glowing

Take 3 carrots which will be red in color and big in size,Take mixture jar add 3 carrots toned milk and 2 black grapes and 1 tea spoon honey
grind it well do not strain the pulp because its rich in fiber and makes to loose fat,now add mint leaves for garnishing take everyday for best results mostly preferable in evening times arond 6 o clock now if not make it trice in a week

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