How black pepper helps in weight loss?

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In loosing weight our indian kitchen plays a crucial role.Just by doing regular workout  following best diet makes our weight management programme now we will discuss about different type of detox drinks where black pepper plays making our body detox
Take 1 glass of warm water add 1 big spoon of ginger juice and 1/4th spoon of black peppar mix well and drink before breakfast or lunch 

Preparation 2

Take 1glass of hot water add hand full of basil leaves  black pepper powder or black pepper corns and 1/2 table spoon lime juice mix it well and drink it,it can be consumed early morning or even can be used by even half filled stomache also

How above tips helps us?

 Lemon is popular for detoxification agent, and is known as a natural weapon to burn stomach fat and make it flat. Black pepper boosts the body metabolism and honey makes the drink sweet. piperine also help the body to use the nutrients efficiently.

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