Do you know mustard oil helps in weightloss?

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weightloss is continuous program where diet physical exercise and some other important tips have to be followed so today we are are now going to talk about important tip and will have awesome results so lets start what is needed for this

Mustard Oil

Yeah! you are right Mustard oil is greatly used for weight loss routine because it mainly contains anti-bacterial,anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal properties it has anti-oxidants along vitamin E it also contains mono saturated oils and poly saturated oil benefits and as everybody knows that massaging gives heat to body and helps in fat reduction and at same time make skin firm and fit.

How to use?

  • Take 1 cup of mustard oil in a vessel heat it well in simmer after 20 mins of heating add camphor to it and (if sensitive skin please avoid camphor)
  • Now make it cool to room tempareture and store it in a glass vessel for 1 complete day
  • Now take little bit of mustard oil and warm it now apply to body parts which are flabby and fat
  • Massage in outward direction BUT NEVER IN INWARD DIRECTION 
  • regularly do it before bath i.e 1 hour before taking shower
  • It can be more effective if it is applied before workouts  


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