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Best hair oil to regular application to hair

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Many of us are very confused for hair oil application which gives best results for perfect hair but many of us fails in selection of best hair oil which suits them so this is why we are here to solve your problem now we will see which oil suits best

Coconut oil

we can say coconut hair oil is all rounder hair oil because it almost treats every issue with hair like dry scalp mineral rich and many more so for regular oil application we can simply use coconut oil which is pure and fresh.

Olive oil

it is used for darker hair because olives are very rich in vitamin e which will make hair looks natural black and gives natural shine,it is also used as base oil for aroma hair therapy

Castor oil

castor oil is mainly used for which people are more suffering with severe dry scalp and hair issues,it makes hair soft and shiny and also helps in hair growth


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