3 Best tips to follow for after waking up to loose weight

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Our lifestyle is just reflection of our health,when ever we face issues in our daily life like hormonal disturbance,thyroid problem, type 2 diabetes and many more lifestyle disorders will cause only because of improper  lifestyle ,so leading super life style is just like keeping ourselves very healthy and great. But lifestyle is something can’t be achived in single day or single month  but continues lifestyle care makes us perfect So today we will discuss about how to lead great lifestyle just by doing 3 things after waking up in the morning


Take atleast 500ml of copper infused water in the morning after waking up for this tip before night take 500ml of water in copper vessel and keep it dark room and consume it next day morning


Just before having breakfast consume ginger juice which is great for weight loss and also removes acidity, removes laziness and many other benefits by consuming this ginger juice,for beter results and better taste add 1 spoon of pure honey and lime juice if needed.


Always have physical workout for 20 minutes which makes our body very energetic and for proper blood circulation it burns body fat,reduces cholesterol and total body benefits if we have regular body workout it can anything like walking,dancing jogging ,yoga and zumba etc 

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