How to get slim in 7days with healthy diet plan

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The notion of fitness and its connection to a more balanced life is gaining popularity. With current lifestyles, it is fairly easy to neglect health and most people just cannot pinpoint the cause of their weight gain. It usually starts with a little belly fat until one realizes that their weight gain is causing several other health problems. Needless to say, obesity is a pressing issue as the lifestyles across the globe have shifted from being active to passive. Due to the ever increasing busy-ness in daily life one always encounters this thought,”how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan”.

Since obesity has gained the status of a health problem, advertising companies cone up with multiple products like pills and powders (even heating belts) to make you believe that weight loss can happen overnight from the comfort of your home. Well, that is a pipe dream. There are several myths surrounding weight loss and we understand how overwhelming the process can be. All you need is somebody who can tell you how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan and we are bringing you just that.

Right amount of physical workout can give you great results when you are looking for a solution to how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan. We will also bust some of the myths related to weight loss and provide you with the dos and don’ts to help you achieve your goal in the healthiest way possible.

How to lose weight in 10 days diet plan

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2 and 3
  3. Day 4 and 5
  4. Day 6 and 7
  5. Day 8 and 9
  6. Day 10


Day one is when you will kick start your pursuit of how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan. However, you will feel yourself getting drawn to comfort food because of the sudden diet change but you must not give in.

Morning: Begin your day with an energy drink to help your metabolism get started. You can prepare an energy drink at home as well. To some warm water, add some fresh lemon juice along with a teaspoon of honey (natural sweetness). Make sure you have this drink, the first thing in the morning. Lemon is known to help with weight loss and will also add electrolytes to your body to keep you hydrated. This drink has no calories and immense benefits.

For your breakfast, have 2 chapattis along with 2 boiled eggs. The eggs will give to proteins while the chapattis will give you some carbs to help you get through the day.

Lunch: Your lunch should be 1 cup of brown rice along with 1 cup of pulses cooked in minimum oil. Add some green vegetables for some fiber. Afternoon snack: You will feel yourself craving more food and to avoid giving in to such cravings, have some healthy afternoon snack such as 4 almonds (plain) a bowl of watermelon with 2 biscuits ( plain and sugar-free).

Dinner: Make sure you have your dinner around 8:00 AM. Your first-day dinner must include 1 bowl of boiled vegetables (include beans, broccoli, carrots, and peas). Along with your vegetables, have a bowl of chicken soup (preferably homemade) or tomato soup.

DAY 2 and DAY 3

Your body will start getting used to the diet changes. Expect little constipation but it’s nothing a glass of warm water with roasted seeds cannot solve.

Breakfast: Just one hour before your breakfast, have a glass of ginger water with a tablespoon of psyllium husk mixed together. Psyllium husk forms a gel inside the stomach and enables proper bowel movements along with creating a feeling of fullness to avoid overeating. For the actual breakfast have a cup of semolina with boiled vegetables. Have one glass of soy milk without any sugar or flavors.

Lunch: For lunch have a bowl of brown rice loaded with green vegetables and add cucumbers, carrots, and lettuce for salads. These prove to be really useful when you are trying to solve the puzzle of how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan.

Dinner: Have a ½ cup of rice with 1 cup of cooked dal (pulses of your choice). You can also have 1 cup of warm milk mixed with turmeric before you go to sleep.


Breakfast: Begin your day with a cup of lemon green tea. This will be full of antioxidants and will kick start your metabolism. For your actual breakfast, have a glass of oats milk, along with a bowl of fruits (avoid bananas).

Lunch: For lunch, have a bowl of salad and 1 cup of boiled pulses. You can also have 1 chapatti or 2 slices of brown bread.

Dinner: For dinner, have 1 hardboiled egg and a bowl of boiled broccoli. This will add lots of fiber as well as vitamins to your body. Before going to bed, have a cup of ginger tea (boil a few slices of ginger with some water for 10 minutes).



Breakfast: Your breakfast on days 6 and 7 should be a low-fat oatmeal. Make use of low-fat milk and gluten-free, rolled oats.

Lunch: For lunch, have a small bowl of boiled vegetables with a ½ cup of brown rice. You can add some almonds to your bowl as well.

Dinner: For dinner, you must have 2 whole wheat chapattis, a bowl of boiled chicken breast and some boiled veggies.


Breakfast: ½ cup of brown rice and 1 hardboiled egg. Have your breakfast with some fresh coconut water.

Lunch: For lunch, have 1 sliced cucumber along with steamed brown rice and 1 cup of boiled pulses.

Dinner: Your dinner should include 1 small bowl of vegetable soup along with 2 slices of toasted brown bread.

Before going to bed, have a cup of ginger tea with some honey.

DAY 10

This being the last of your dieting plan, must be taken seriously if you really want to show others how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan. Avoid having any form of salt today as it could cause water retention and make you look fat.

Breakfast: For your breakfast, obtain the egg whites of 2 eggs and scramble them with some boiled vegetables. Eat this with 2 toasted slices of brown bread. Add a glass of fresh carrot juice.

Lunch: Have a cup of oatmeal along with a plate of vegetable salad.

Dinner: Have a glass of warm water mixed with psyllium husk, 1 hour before you have dinner. For the actual dinner, have 1 cup of steamed brown rice along with ½ cup of Greek yogurt.

This diet plan describes how to lose weight in 10 days diet plan in an effective and safe way. It has a negligible amount of calories and minimum sugar. Hence, if you follow this diet step by step, you are sure to lose some weight and get a few steps closer to becoming fit.


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