Is Oil Pulling An Effective Remedy For Acne?

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How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Oil pulling is the technique of swishi

How Does Oil Pulling Help Treat Acne?

Bacteria and other harmful toxins get pulled out in the oil pulling process, keeping the other parts of your body free from them. This helps immensely in clearing up acne. Acne is believed to be caused partially due to problems with the gut. These problems usually arise because there is an imbalance of bacteria in this part of the body. There are millions of different bacteria, good and bad, in your body, and for you to stay healthy, it is important to make sure that there is a balance between them. This bacterial balance plays a huge role in the overall health of your body and skin.

ng oil in your mouth to remove toxins. According to experts, the best type of oil to use is cold-pressed organic oils like virgin coconut oil and unrefined sesame oil. You can also use organic olive oil or sunflower oil. The trick is to swish the oil in your mouth for as long as you can – 20 minutes is the recommended time. The longer you do it, the more effective the treatment is

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