How it Is More Effective Than Chemotherapy In Treating Cancer

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After all that has been discovered about ginger and its health benefits, here’s something interesting. From treating minor ailments to protecting you against fatal diseases, ginger can do it all. Confused, aren’t you? We’ll help you clear the confusion! A recent study conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in India stated ginger a powerful remedy for treating cancer, certainly more powerful than chemotherapy. And to be more specific, a particular compound in dried ginger does it all, it is 10000 times more powerful than chemotherapy for killing cancer cells. If you feel we are just exaggerating, read on to know more.

Why target cancer stem cellsĀ So when it comes to treating cancer,”the primary concern should be killing cancer cells. Eradication of cancer stem cells is extremely essential to cancer treatment and overall healing.”A large chunk of women who succumb to breast cancer die because of cancer metastasis, which is the process by which cancer cells travel to other parts of the body.

And it doesn’t end here, 90% cancer deaths take place due to this reason. Cancer stem cells are the catalyst due to this. Therefore, it is essential to a cancer treatment to kill cancer stem cells.

In the study conducted at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in India, the chemotherapy compound Taxol was compared with 6-Shogaol in ginger. On comparing it was found that Taxol had a very minor impact on the stem cells. However, 6-Shogaol affected them directly. Hence they declared ginger a 10000 times more powerful remedy for fighting cancer.

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