CHIP is new trigger for a heart attack

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Accumulation of worn out and dead cells in the bone marrow can cause sudden heart attack and strokes in persons who were free from heart diseases, diabetes and other co-morbid conditions, a study said. During the research, scientists found a bizarre accumulation of mutated stem cells in the bone marrow,  increasing the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Known by its medical jargon, clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP), is found to be powerful due to its omnipresent and independent nature.These cells are not affected by high blood pressure and act on their own, data from hospitals in the West showed.

Dr R. Prashanth, a biotechnology expert, noted, “This is a new development and is seen in people aged above 60 years. But it does not apply to those who are young where the causes are varied and different.” Among senior citizens the risk is 20 per cent and in those above 80 it is 50 per cent. Dr Sunil Kapoor, a senior cardiologist, pointed out, “There are a category of people who are healthy but when they exert too much there is dehydration in the body and the blood becomes thicker.

It leads to hypercoagulation and a blood clot is formed within three minutes, triggering a sudden heart attack.” 

Lipoprotein A is also looked at as a cause for the sudden death. Sportspersons often face this situation. In fact, there have been instances of sudden exertion in the gym, on the cricket ground and in track and field.
Dr S. K. Kumar, a senior cardiologist, said, “People have mild blockages. 

They also have a higher level of cholesterol which does not require medication. But this new discovery brings to light why some people collapse suddenly when there is nothing wrong with them.” New avenues to beat the CHIP will open up now.

Role of Dark matter found in heart attacks 

Cardiologists stated that there is a dark matter in cardiology which causes sudden heart attacks.

 Dr K. S. Shravan, said, “In India, a major reason for heart attack is the genes. It has been found that the South-East Asians are prone to heart attacks because of their genetic disposition. 

“To add to this are the environmental factors and lifestyle changes. “These are also found to accelerate the causes. The Research has shown that mutations are acquired and not inherited which means that the environmental and lifestyle factors also play a major role.”

With the emergence of stem celltech, experts are reviewing its role and also checking whether those cells go and accumulate in the marrow. It is also important to understand the nature of the cells that stick to the bone marrow.

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